Author Cynthia Marcano: Hand In His $0.99 Sale

Hand In His $0.99 Sale

10:27 AM

The man intended for Nicole De León will come along when she is good and ready and not a minute sooner, no matter how desperately the older women of her church try to find her a match. She simply does not have the time to date with Nursing courses, her best friend's wedding, work and volunteering at church. If and when she finds the time to find love, it will be with a man in love with Jesus and most certainly not the flirty best man that makes her heart do funny things. 

Drew Wells is adamant that falling in love is a waste of time, as is organized religion. As long as he has a say, neither are in his future and the closest he will ever get to either is being the best man at his cousin's wedding and spending a week with the bible thumping bridal party. The beautiful brunette bridesmaid is fun to flirt with but she will most certainly not make him want to think about settling down or worse, become a holy-roller. Can either stop their hearts from betraying their minds?

"The life of every living creature and the spirit in every human body 
are in his hands." Job 12:10 GWT

On SALE for $0.99 until August 27th!

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