Author Cynthia Marcano: My Thoughts Thursday: A Royal Christmas Wedding Review

My Thoughts Thursday: A Royal Christmas Wedding Review

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A Royal Christmas Wedding
by Rachel Hauck

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College volleyball star Avery Truitt has not seen her former flame, Prince Colin of Brighton Kingdom, since he suddenly pushed her away five years ago. But now, the sadness of losing her father and the joy of her sister Susanna’s pregnancy have brought Avery back to Brighton just in time for Cathedral City’s enchanting Christmas season.

Avery knows she can’t avoid seeing Colin—now the Kingdom’s most eligible bachelor—whether or not her heart is ready to relive the pain. But seeing him again might bring her the closure she needs after all this time.

When Colin finds himself at the center of a centuries-old Brighton tradition, he must decide whether to follow the path laid out before him or follow his heart to the only woman for whom he would ring the Pembroke Chapel Bell.

Can Colin convince Avery to meet him at the chapel on Christmas morning—as tradition dictates—or will Avery run back to her St. Simons home and pursue a coaching career as planned?

In the fourth installment of the Royal Wedding Series, New York Times bestselling novelist, Rachel Hauck, weaves a charming story of holiday romance as two broken hearts seek the love they once knew.


This book was a long time coming. Avery is all grown up now.

This was my favorite book in this series by far! In true Rachel Hauck fashion, you got the little bit of divine intervention or "Fairy GodFather stuff" in the plot and loads of fairy tale romance. I like when a love is already established from the beginning of the book and such was the case for Avery and Prince Colin. They have been around since Once Upon A Prince. And although Hauck has done this in How To Catch A Prince, I enjoyed this one more so since, as a reader I was able to read about the seeds on Avery and Prince Colin's love blooming.

I also really loved that it's Christmas. I have never gotten swept up into reading Christmas romance books during the holiday season always fearing it's cliche, but this was so well done. I liked it so much that I seriously want to go to Brighton and walk through Old Town and get some puffs while the carolers are all dressed up caroling. I think I may have to try a Christmas romance or two this season. What do you think? If you have suggestions, please comment!

Anywho....It was a great end to the series (at least I thought it was, but now not so sure). My only complaint is the end of the book seemed rushed a little. HOWEVER, I did receive an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review, so that may have been tweaked in the final version.

Overall Rating - 4.75 Stars. Yes, 4.75 I know, I know. But just humor me!

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Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for my review.

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