Author Cynthia Marcano: Booked and Released

Booked and Released

Serving pancakes at a local diner during the graveyard shift was not the future Emily Serrano had envisioned when she set out to become a writer. When her once successful career penning romance novels stalls, she returns to the only other job experience she's known to help keep a roof over her head, only to find herself being held up at gunpoint. The last person she imagined coming to her rescue is the inspiration for the latest novel that flopped miserable and unfortunate reason for her writer's block. Will he finally be able to help her release the stories and romance handcuffed within, longing to be set free?

As a young boy, David Escobar pictured his life as a police officer shooting bad guys as he flipped off of moving trains, not directing traffic around downed electric wires. Patrolling the streets of a suburban town while most of the world is asleep required lots of bitter brew just to make it through shift. When a robbery in progress is called in, he is more than eager to perform his sworn duty. What he hadn't bargained on was being a hero to the disheartened writer turned waitress who'd lost the spark in her eye and added a chip on her shoulder. Will she be able to see past who he once was and help him heal from his own traumas?

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