Author Cynthia Marcano: My Restoration Journey

My Restoration Journey

When Erica's husband decided to leave their marriage, she was devasted. Married only five years and caring for their two young children she left all she knew to follow him. Life as she knew it caved in under her feet. A stay at home mom with no prospects for employment left alone and being forced to leave her home, she felt betrayed and abandoned by the one who promised to love and take care of her until death did they part. Death by her own hand seemed like a tempting offer in her sorrow despair and fear.

Follow Erica as she recounts her story using her journal entries, and how she was ushered into the arms of an awaiting and loving God in a time when she needed him most. A loving and inspiring story of how He helped heal her heart, soul, and marriage.

A true-life account of Erica Kramer's restoration journey to life and a renewed husband and marriage.

"While reading, I kept thinking, “How can we get this book into as many hands as possible? It is so needed.” Not only will this book be encouraging for divorced, separated, or struggling couples, but for anybody going through trials—which will be all of us at some point."
Pastor Greg Brown
Navy Reserve Chaplain, Pastor, Teacher & Author

"An amazing book used for Gods glory! This book has given me so much encouragement during my stand. God does keep his promises!"
Emily Freeman
Marriage Restored 2015