Author Cynthia Marcano: Simple Prayers For The Brokenhearted

Simple Prayers For The Brokenhearted

When heartbroken, experiencing loss, lost, in a pit of sorrow, feeling all alone in a vast world with billions of people, hurting from betrayal and rejection, pain and fear can drown out any glimpse of better days, leaving you depressed and hopeless.

There is hope! God promises to be close to the brokenhearted and see us through it all. In your distress, prayer is your most powerful lifeline.

Do you need guidance in your prayer? Don't know how to pray or what to say? Perhaps you have said all you can say and still need to find comfort in God's presence. Prayer doesn't have to be eloquent in speech or long in practice. God simply desires you and your willing heart.

Simple Prayers For The Brokenhearted contains 25 simple prayers using only God's scripture to talk to our Heavenly Father in the same word and sentiments He uses to bring His children His truth. Each prayer was created using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide for how to pray to God, each prayer includes petitions, thanksgiving, praise, repentance and more.

There is healing in God's Word and in prayer.

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